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Between pleasure and emotion
Fathom the secrets of the best Champagnes crafting!
After a whole year of intense but cheering work, of rich encounters and unforgettable tastings, oenologist and oenology teacher at the viticultural high school of Champagne (Avize Viti Campus) Michel VERON unveils his 2015 VERON Champagne Guide: release scheduled on October 2014.
The fifth edition of this reference book, loyal to its concept, reveals the secrets of the crafting of 100 vetted Champagnes.
Champagne is part of France’s and the world’s cultural and gastronomic heritage. After a rigorous selection of the Champagnes, like the previous years, the objective is clearly to place Champagne back in its real place, that of a noble, living beverage, created by craftsmen, artists: the cellar masters, wine growers and oenologists. Far from rigid, arbitrary and simplistic criteria, curiosity and leniency helped rare, sometimes confidential, Champagnes to meet the great classics within this guide for the greatest pleasure of the tasters.
Just like the previous years, far from the blind tastings, falsely objective and always favouring the most powerful Champagnes, the Champagnes have been tasted and commented with a maximum of information (about their technical characteristics and crafting process) and open-mindedness, to comprehend their organoleptic complexity. No marks or rating: would one ever think of giving a mark to a master painting?
Published in two versions (French and English), in partnership with the magazine Sommeliers International, this guide now appears as an inevitable tool to choose Champagne.

Michel VERON, oenologist, graduate of the University of Dijon in Burgundy, is an Oenology teacher at the viticultural high school of Champagne since 23 years. This book is born from his passion for Champagne tastings and from his long experience enriched by many encounters with Champagne vintners.

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